Posted by FreakyJapan on 06-10-2007
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ToddlerconMaid ToddlerconYes, there?s actually a hentai genre called Toddlercon ? if lolicon is all about raping little girls, shotacon about sex with little boys, you guessed it right: toddlercon is probably the most depraved manga/anime genre out there on the market. How fucking sick you have to be to jerk off on porn comics with babies younger than six years old? Once I read about more bizarre toddlercon manga titles where people are raping pregnant babies and I guess it?s something you can classify under guro shock/bizarre/stupid-sick-fun, but most of toddlercon is just made for the sickest pedophiles out there.

Urbandictionary defines Toddlercon like this:
A form of lolicon which involves illustrations of children (mostly females) under the age of 6 in provacative or sexual situations.
Drawn Child Like Pornography involving toddlers.

Encyclopediadramatica has a more “direct” description:
In the veins of babyfuck this is possibly one of the most disturbing forms of hentai ever. Not even lolicon, shotacon, or even guro can compare.

If you?re not buying it in manga shops in Japan, you can get it for free online, in various hentai picture boards and message boards where people have discussions like this one:

A lot of people don’t like toddlerkon. Guess I’m just a pervert. lol. I like shotas of all ages actually. Toddlerkon is just my favorite^^

Yeah, well I don’t think you’re a pervert, lol, to each his own, right? I’m more selective, personally, I don’t generally like boys younger than 8 or so

Sick fucks.

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