Lolicon, bestiality and diaper play

Posted by FreakyJapan on 05-10-2007
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tickling Lolicon, bestiality and diaper playThere?s good, short but very interesting story on Japanese porn out there on good old Secret Japan. The story deals with some of the more controversial aspects of J-Porn, like infamous Lolicon ? hey, I hope we all agree that child-fucking is much, much worse thing than eel fucking, so I?m just gonna play safe and borrow what they wrote. Because, there?s no point to ignore the facts ? and the facts are:

Softcore child porn was actually legal in Japan until as recently as 1999, when international pressure forced Japan to take action. And action they took – instead of softcore child porn, the market redirected it?s attention to junior idol photobooks and DVDs. While most junior idols are around the 11-15 age, some such as Nanami have started off their modelling career as young as 6. The DVDs and photobooks showcase the young models in a variety of uniforms and swimsuits, some mostly harmless and some pretty racey, but never nude.
But even within the junior idol collection there?s some super weird stuff, like the ?Tickling School Haunted House Tag-game?. The young models life is apparently more difficult than I thought, as the box shots seem to suggest the 3 girls just get tickled for 90 minutes. Tough break, girls.
And then there seems to be entire subgenre of Lolicon Cosplay, as with the ?Cat Model Project?; these girls are certainly cute in a little-girl-wearing-kitty-ears kind of way, but they *really* ought to put more clothes on.
Junior idols generally go on to make random girlie j-pop music groups, some become adult Idols, and thankfully very few go into the porn business.
Can it perhaps be argued though that the existence of junior idol video material etc. satiates japanese lolicon desires, rather than forcing them to outlet themselves on real children? Sadly, the evidence says no, with Japan still having one of the highest rates of child abuse in the world – but there are so many more fucked up parts of japanese culture that it?s really hard to pin anything on the junior idol boom. In the world of hentai manga for example, a large proportion of which is read by your average Satoshi on the subway journey home, raping small girls is a common theme – and these types of manga are for more likely to be responsible for peoples attitudes towards child abuse. In Japan especially, manga is a trusted and commonly used medium for conveying everything from morality through traditional stories to the official government advisory on condom use.

 Lolicon, bestiality and diaper playThere are also few words about bestiality (Bestiality porn is not unique to Japan by any means, but what is unique is that in Japan, it is sold over the counter just like any other meat and-two-veg porn), remote control vibrators (High school girls are equipped with a remote control vibrator and told to perform various tasks out on the street, like take a photo with 5 people. At any point, the show host can activate the vibrator, and we see the ensuing panic and embarrassment. A little ON / OFF icon in the corner of the screen let?s you know the current state), diaper play and hentai.

Read the whole J-Porn story here
More about Lolicon and legal issues here

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